Business bank accounts for global clients and transfers

We have got you covered for multiple sectors for all type of accounts, are you looking for a B2B account within Europe or an international Swift account?

Corporate banking as it should be

Corporate banking has for a long time been a tiresome and costly procedure. ExpoNovum helps to assist the frustration by collaboratively working with multiple providers with different risk appetite. 

Corporate accounts

Are you looking to accept corporate transfers or from customers? We have providers that can accommodate for either or for both.

SEPA/SWIFT transfers

Our providers supports both types of transfers, including many more. Be sure to mention what you are looking for during the pre-application.

International providers

Our providers are located all over the world, with different risk appetite and different customer acceptance policies.

Global clients

With clients located all over the world we have found providers that can accept businesses both onshore as well as offshore.


Corporate bank account

Are you ready to apply for your corporate bank account?