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Online card acquiring through Visa/Mastercard and many more straight on your website

Accepting card payments have never been easier

If you have applied to accept card payments online you have surely gone through the time consuming process of onboarding but to in the end receive a NO. With ExpoNovum you will get pre-approved before you go through the entire onboarding.

Card acquiring accounts

Are you looking to accept card payments?We have providers that can accept businesses ranging from low-risk to high-risk.


Our providers offer different integration channels, either through direct API (PCI Requirement) or through hosted payment page.

International providers

Our providers are located all over the world, with different risk appetite and different customer acceptance policies.

Global clients

With clients located all over the world we have found providers that can accept businesses both onshore as well as offshore.


Card acquiring online

Are you ready to apply for your online card acquiring?